Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I look at my life now. 46 years old, four young children, a wife that is nearly 13 years younger than I. And here I sit, late at night, knowing that if I am to continue my life to the level required to best serve this blessing of family that I have been given, I have to make some changes.

I am overweight to the tune of at least 70 pounds, and am horribly out of shape. I found some gray in my beard this morning, and that compounded with the fact that a friend who had similar health conditions was found dead a few days ago, has left me knowing that the road I am travelling is not the road I need to trod.

I have a pretty good job that brings a modest income into the house, but I am not happy with it. I am thankful for it, but being thankful cannot be fully embraced without a modicum of joy.

So...I will write my way into a better situation.  I make myself accountable through this blog to improve myself in any way possible to insure that I will be around, and happy when my Grandbabies come to call.